Church in Study-  9:30 a.m. 


Song Service                                               Joel Kurtz and Pastor Gil 

Welcome                                                                         Dona Young 

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Closing Prayer                                      

Lesson Study

10:00-10:40 a.m.

The Seven Trumpets


Thirteenth Sabbath Offering

Southern Africa-India Ocean Division

(Part of the offering will go to Sao Tomé and Principe)

Adventists began work on Sao Tome Island with the arrival of Jose Freire, a Portuguese colporteur, in 1936.  In 1938, he settled as a missionary, and in February 1939 the first baptisms were conducted.

An elementary school was opened in 1946 (with Capitolina Grave as its first teacher).  It had an average attendance of 250 students.  It was closed by the Communist government in 1975.

Originally Sao Tome and Principe Mission was under the Angola Union Mission, but it is now attached directly to the Southern Africa-Union Ocean Division.

                    Worship Service

                                            11:00 a.m.

Intro Video


Announcements/Prayer      Larry Huls                           


Opening Song                                                      Hymn No. 202

Hail Him the King of Glory


Children’s Story                                               


Offering Appeal    Paul Bonney                                     

Church Budget


Offertory  -  Marti Cash                 


Praise Song

Jesus Calls Us  - No. 285 

Live Out Thy Life Within Me -  No. 316 


Garden of Prayer                                                     Scott Hanan

Pass Me Not - No. 569


Special Music                                                         Jayme Stabel


Sermon                                                                        Pastor Gil

Countdown to Midnight


Closing Hymn                                                     Hymn No. 212

‘Tis Almost Time for the Lord to Come 




Worship Leader

Joel Kurtz


Marti Cash

Tech Team

               Sergio Celis, Noah Norwood, Trey Bierele, Joyce Marter